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India is known for its rich quality of fabrics and for its traditional weaves and is one of the largest exporters of cotton in the world. It consists of 28 states (provinces) with each having its own dialect, culture and specializing in one of the local forms of art, embroidery or prints on fabrics. Since it is a big country, there is a difference in the weather pattern and geographical terrain from the north to the south which may have influenced their style of fabrics or weaves. For example, thick colorful shawls are made the northern part of India where the temperature is generally low and Kerela, which a state in the southern part of India with hot and humid climate, makes the best quality of cotton.

One of the most famous printing styles from India known to the western world is the hand block printing. This technique originates from Rajasthan and Gujrat. Hand block printing is done using a wooden block with a silhouette of the design which is dipped in dye and transferred on a fabric. Their designs are inspired from the Mughal art and architecture.

We thought of starting our web shop with products made from block printed fabrics as it is the most recognized style of Indian designs. However, India has many more things to offer in the form of art or craft. The products that we sell on this website have been sourced from local artists who sell their products on a very small scale. By selling these products here in Europe, it would help the local artists in India to introduce their products to the western world by offering a variety of art or craft to the locals here. In the future, we would be happy to introduce a larger variety of products from India to the people of Europe.


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